Bookings, live events and latest releases:

John can be booked for a variety of live performances and projects. His dynamic live acts often feature real time effects without fysically touching his machines (real time wind fx, filters, ring modulation, volume control, making synthetic sounds, drum sounds and much more). Depending on the sound of the project, he is also accompanied by live musicians.

John can be booked for house, tech-house and techno live sets. But with singer, dancer and choreographer Vibemaster Renske Skills & saxophone player Jeff Hollie (see picture below and check project page!) John also performs live (and produces!) which is more a Future Jazz/Broken Beats/Deep House sounds experience.



John also performs live with singer and saxophone player Chappell (USA) for whom he produced nu-soul tracks, deep house and vocal house material. Chappell has played in many large ensembles including concert bands, jazz bands and marching bands. Chappell has performed all over the southeast region of the United States, contributing both instrumental and vocal talents.


John has also produced for the very gifted and versatile singer Jerique Allan (see picture here below) . Jerique also performs with their crossover material, as well as with their vocal house material (three new productions ready and available for licensing!).


Special projects have also been developed and a lot of different concepts can be performed live depending on the needs for a certain club, event or marketing or promotion strategy. Just call or mail for more info!

What are John’s latest and upcoming releases?

The latest releases is a record released as John Consemulder (featuring singer Lex Empress, her third international release produced by John) on  Mike Grant’s highly respected Moods and Grooves and End to End labels (the John Consemulder feat. Backdraft; ‘Ghost’ ep on End 2 End is in the playlistst of Laurent Garnier, Michel de Hey, Jack de Marseille, Dave Clarke and many more..).

The ‘Rewind to start ep’ on Moods & Grooves has also been remixed by respected Detroit producer Piranha Head and a second remix ep (John Consemulder feat. LexEmpress; ‘Rewind to start remixes’) is out now with great remixes from Piranhahead and John Tejada!  The track is allready single of the week! What's more; the track has recently been licensed to a special Hugo Boss compilation which is for special use for all Hugo Boss stores in whole Europe and Asia only!



Also a release on dj Michel the Hey’s EC records (John Consemulder & Axel Mori present: Detour: ‘Tension ep’) is out a year now and it was at nr 3 in the playlist of Carl Cox (see picture below) and also played by players like Josh Wink, Marco Carola, Christian Smith, Misstress Barbara and more and the track is also licensed to the Impulz cd and Dave Angel’s Trust the Dj compilations!