John Consemulder


John Consemulder is a graduated neuropsychologist and has a passionate interest in consciousness and healing (check his Centrum Zonnewijzer for these activities), but his heart goes out to producing and enjoying music! Especially house, deep house, jazz-dance, tech-house, acid and (Detroit) techno. John has his roots in underground electronics and early Chicago house, Acid and Detroit techno and was actually one of the very first Dutch producers to produce house, acid and techno music. He might have been influenced by a variety of artists like Coil, Fad Gadget, Foetus, Front 242 and so on. But also Kraftwerk, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Baby Ford, Tyree, dj Pierre and others have strongly influenced John back in 1987, while becoming one of the first to be infected by the house virus, that later tranformed the world of music. Besides this more experimental background, John also loves and produces filmmusic, soundscapes and contemporary healing and world music, which he also produces from a more esoteric background (listen at the music page at !).

John has already released more than fifty (50!) international releases and remixes so far and his tracks have been included on numerous compilations like Dance Valley , Impulz , Chemistry, Dave Angel’s Trust the dj compilation, Roland Dancegear cd, Mike Grant's (godfather of Detroit Techno) Hugo Boss 'Tokyo' cd compilation and many, many more.

He is the only dutch producer ever to have been included on the famous SOMA label (as Frame, among other artists like Slam, Daft Punk, Funk d,Void, Gene Farris, Sillicone Soul, etc). He has released material on major record labels like Warner Music, Sony Music(playstation), Edel, Basisc Beat, EDMMichel de Hey’s EC techno imprint, three records on dj Tiesto’s progressive WildLife label and two well received records on legendary Mike Grant,s Detroit based Moods & Grooves and End 2 End labels. And many more to come, since he has a new updated, bigger and even more professional studio and is actively producing new material since 2016! He was A&R manager for the famous techno label X-TRAX (where he released ep's as Vintage, Index,Hippy Joggers, JohnJohn, Detour). 

He does some management and bookings and is also busy doing remixes (and has been remixed himself by well known artists like Robin Albers/JayDee, Ministry of Sound’s Jazzy M and Carl Cox's protege Misstress Barbara for instance). John is also a sound engineer, has a professional music recording studio does mastering and recording for others and is busy as a live artist as well! 

Live sets with his own produced material can vary from tech-house and techno performances to more house oriented material, but also broken beat, future jazz and deep house material (together with vibemaster Renske Skills and saxophone player Jeff Hollie from Wicked Jazz Sounds, Supernatural, etc-). John has also producing some nu-soul projects and crossover and dance projects (with singers like Patrick Chappell, Jerique Allan, Johnny Kelvin and others).

John has allready performed live in all kind of venues like More, Mazzo, Hope, Monza, Kingdom Venue, Club Eclipse, Melkweg but also at large festivals like Paaspop and Extrema,s New Years Event (for 5000 people mainstage, primetime recorded live at radio 3 and Veronica tv after Zuco 103 at the change of the new year!) and Extrema Outdoor (mainstage, festival for 25000 people). He is also involved in combination projects and can be booked for a variety of projects.

How did John become a respected producer?

With the income he received from his first records he bought his first rare analogue synths and started to build his own studio. After a while he started releasing records on his own and started collaborating with others on all kind of labels like:

and many more under his own name (so far on Michel de Hey’s EC records, Dutch KeyNote (also home of Joris Voorn, Fabrice Lig, Duplex, etc), Ben Sims Native sampler and Mike Grant’s detroit based Moods & Grooves and End 2 End labels!).

His breakthrough was a release on the internationally famous SOMA label as Frame, becoming the only dutch producer ever to be added to their artist roster.

He also became A&R manager of  the internationally well known X-Trax label. While doing that for two years he produced and released records on X-Trax as Vintage, Index, Detour , Hippy Joggers and JohnJohn.

Up to now his records get played and he gets cool reviews from international top Dj’s and artists like:
Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Ken Ishii, Sven Vaeth, Ron Trent, Slam, Michel de Hey, John Tejada, Pascal F.E.O.S, Eric de Man, dj Estroe, Steve Rachmad, Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Cari Lekebusch, John Aquaviva, dj Marcello, dj Remy, dj Marysol, dj Richard, dj Benny Rodriquez, Speedy J, Thomas Schumacher, Misstress Barbara, Sillicone Soul, Envoy, Funk d,Void, Billy Nasty, Tresor dj’s, Stanny Franssen, Derrick May, Mike Grant, dj T-1000 (Allan Oldham),  dj C1,  Jamie Anderson, Layo and Bushwacka, Miss Yetti, Dr. Otte and many, many more...

John’s name got known at a wider scale, especially after his Frame release on Glasgow’s Soma Quality Recordings (Soma 103) and throughout his releases as Vintage, Detour, JohnJohn, Hippy Joggers and Index on X-Trax. (, where he had been A&R and labelmanager for two years while he was also running X-Trax Sub and Forward records.

Publishing, management and special projects:

John also has his own publishing , does some bookings and management, as well as  live performances. John is responsible for all publishing and management affairs of the versatile mc/singer/dancer/choreographer Renske Skills, who has been active in the music industry as a professional dancer and singer and much more. She has worked with famous artists like LL Cool J, Jocelyn Brown, started up the succesfull Wicked Jazz Sounds nights, performed at MTV Fusion awards and in the Stads Schouwburg. She has performed live in about every club in Holland you might come up with, but has also been performing in 16 counties abroad so far. Her vocals have also been used on a K-Swiss commercial, which has been broadcasted throughout whole Europe all day (she also wrote the lyrics)! For more info; check out this site's Projects and Contact page (and the Music page offcourse;-)

John has worked together with dj Eric de Man , dj Benny Rodriquezdj Shiva,  Joris Voorn, vocalists Jerique Allan (support act Missy Elliot etc.) and Patrick Chappell (USA, deep house and nu-soul).